About Fastaval

Fastaval is Denmark’s largest role-playing and board game convention.

Every Easter, close to 1000 people, gather in the Danish town Hobro to share their common passion for roleplaying- and board games, and to be part of a unique community.

Fastaval is a convention with a proud tradition for creativity. Every year we present, some of the best roleplaying scenarios and board games in the world, exclusively designed for Fastaval. Besides the many different games you can also experience a number of other activities. Come and meet out guest(s) of honor, listen in on the podcast-hour, participate in workshops and talks, or you can hang out with new and old friends in the Board Game lounge or party in the Fastaval Bar

Fastaval is, in its core, a Danish speaking convention but we welcome international guests with open arms. You will find that all our organizers and adult participants speak english and we take great care to make as many games and programme items available in English as possible. We also have on-sight translator and internation guest organizer-teams if you need anything during Fastaval. If you wish to get in contact with other international guests before signing-up check out the Facebook group Fastaval for Internationals.

  • Mariagerfjord Gymnasium: Amerikavej 5, 9500 Hobro

  • 13 -18. April 2022

  • Sign-up opens February 25th and closes March 11th 2022

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