A scenario about love and relationships. A Scenario in six predetermined scenes each played in a different way.

Brasst Issinn

Brasst Issinn is an intense, short form scenario about disappointed love, fermented resentment and ice cold air. The scenario switches between storytelling scenes about the boy on the thinner and thinner ice, and scenes in the cabin, in which the players develop the quiet buildup to the inevitable row.


IKEA. We've all been there, and now you get the opportunity to image yourself there at Fastaval. The Mecca of shopping. The Saturday 10th level of Hell. A port of call in all the major turning points in life - Moving out, moving in together, when a new life joins the family and when divorce or death leaves you all alone again. So just maybe IKEA is not as soulless a place, as it looks in the catalogue.

Road Rage

Road Rage is about irritation and escalating anger. About how the anger is quicker to take over when you get in a car, and that anger leading to irrational actions even from ordinary people. The irritation escalates with each scene till it is determined who will go the furthest to get their way.

The Posthuman’s Progress

“The Posthuman’s Progress” is a short freeform game based on Run Lola Run (Lola rennt, 1998), a film in which the protagonist resets time itself twice in order to set circumstances right to save her boyfriend. In the game, the players collaboratively establish the crisis scenario between a woman and a lover and then play to find out what happens. The first time, the posthuman cannot avert the crisis; the [...]

The Wolves of Winter

The Wolves of Winter is a Warhammer action scenario about four female hunters’pursuit of a sinister criminal, and a scenario about being hunter and prey at the same time. A high paced hunt, where the four characters have to work together and use their resources wisely to reach their goal.