Have you ever thought about writing a scenario for Fastaval? Then you should keep reading!

In the scenario writing competition, you will be challenged to write a short scenario. The format is amazingly simple: 

Konkurrence-formatet er snigende simpelt:

You have 72 hours to write a scenario (from Tuesday to Sunday morning). We the judges will give you 3 writing obstacles to inspire and challenge your scenario idea. For example, “You must incorporate a labyrinth in your scenario” or “Colors must be a central mechanic in your scenario”. How you incorporate and interpret the obstacles are totally up to you! This year's writing obstacles will remain secret until the competition begins.

Remember! There will be lots of opportunities to get help and guidance during the writing process, so you won’t be all alone. We lot forward to seeing your writing skills blossom in the scenario writing competition. 


Writing obstacles: The 3 writing obstacles will be available from 10 am on Tuesday. If you can’t meet up physically we will email them to you. 

What to bring?: You will have to bring your own laptop/borrow a laptop to write the scenario on. There will be plenty of time for feedback and guidance on Saturday. Your scenario needs to be handed in on Sunday at 10 am. There will be individual feedback from the judges for everyone between 3 and 4 pm. The award ceremony for the winner will take place at the banquet with the other Otto Awards. 

FYI: The Scenario writing competition is primarily for newer and younger writers to try their hands at writing a Fastaval scenario and not for experienced writers.

There is a maximum of 15 participants, so remember to sign up as soon as you have a good scenario idea.

Requirements: You have to sign up for The Scenario Writing Competition when you sign up for Fastaval  

Maximum: 15

When: Thursday 10 am – Sunday 10 am

Price: Free