Guest Of Honor At Fastaval

Each year Fastaval invites an exciting and famous person/group as the guest of honor to communicate and convey their work within Fastaval-related activities – like board games, roleplaying games, and Larp. Every guest of honor is different with different takes on roleplaying, board gaming, and game design.

Sometimes the guest of honor is an influential person within gaming culture with many years working in an established gaming institution, like Mark Rein Hagen or Steve Jackson. But just as often the guest of honor is a less known designer or gaming personality with a new and unique take on game design to inspire and amaze the participants.

At Fastaval we want to learn about new game cultures and other designers' experiences. But our guest of honor program is not just about receiving, but about passing on Fastaval’s many unique traditions and design culture. Throughout the years we have had several Guests of Honor who was not only deeply inspired by the people and the games they met at Fastaval, but also came back to contribute creatively. We are very proud of the creative space that Fastaval has become through the years and we look forward to hosting new exciting people every easter.

Guest Of Honor at Fastaval 2024

Rita Modl

German national TV recently awarded a prize to the documentary "Spielerepublik Deutschland", in which a film crew followed a small handful of board game designers for three years. Uwe Rosenberg (Patchwork), Klaus Teuber (CATAN) and our Guest of Honor: Rita Modl. She has several successful board games on the market, including Men at Work and King of 12. Men at Work and King of 12, with even more on the way.

Rita is also the Vice President of the German SAZ "Spiele-Autoren-Zunft" - an interest organization that represents the interests of board game designers and works to promote the importance and understanding of board games as an integral part of popular culture. Important work!

Rita is, in many ways, a growing icon in her field and we are really proud to present her as Fastaval's Guest of Honor 2024!

At Fastaval you will be able to:

- Play Ritas board games (read more here)
- Hear Rita's talk on how to go from hobby designer to published designer (read more here)
- Hear Rita talk about the work of the SAZ organization.
- Get your Game Rush game rated by Rita.

Rita tells us that she's really looking forward to visiting Fastaval on her first ever visit to Denmark. So give her a warm welcome!

Learn much more about Rita here, in our interview with her: