Aesthetics and erotics become one and the same, when three women enter into a forbidden relationship during the painting of a portrait. A story about art, oppression, and sensuousness, set in an English country house in the late eighteenth century.

The Brothers from Broløs

A humorous action scenario about three country bumpkins and their start-up private debt collection company in 90s Jutland, far away from the law of the land. The scenario is a loving tribute to the culture that exists in the countryside - way out there where the crows have already turned.


A poetic story about four immortals who, through three eras, slowly solve the mystery about who they are and how they can regain their mortality.

The White Lady from Troll Mountain

A group of heroes set out on an adventure to discover why Troll Mountain is frozen in perpetual snow and cold. A love letter to dice rolling and classic D&D accessible to everyone regardless of system knowledge.

Divine Reconcilation

Tired of millennials of strife and unresolved conflicts with his first children, Yahweh takes the bold step of seeking professional help from a family therapist.

We Ride Together

Four young horse-interested women spend their time at a riding center where a male riding instructor abuses them sexually. An interview scenario about grooming and the consequences of coming forward with your story.

In the Shadows of Faith

In a newly conquered border town, the king's vassals must investigate the missing relic shrine of St. Aunarius. A Cthulhu-like horror scenario shrouded in a fog of mystery and uncertainty, set in the darkest of medieval times.

The Nun and the Knight

A tale of forbidden love in the days of King Arthur. Great, sweeping emotions are in play, when two lovers must choose between their ideals and their personal happiness, while the world crumbles around them.

The Collective

Over the course of a year, we follow the lives of five friends living in a collective. An everyday drama about friendship, communal meals, arguments, parties, love, exams, and everything else that comes with young people living together.


The warrior, the mage, the thief and the priest have led the extermination of the orcs. Now they sit in the castle with the treasure. Why aren't they happy? A fantasy pastiche about who you are when the quest is over.

The Woman in a Thousand Pieces

The four individuals residing in Pil's head create a chaotic life for their daughter Emma. Now, they must reconcile with each other and their own demons, because Emma is in danger.


Five sock puppets battle to win the reality show LoveSocks in this ensemble scenario, with silly voices and backstabbing on live TV. May the best sock win…

Midlife Blues 2 – Weird Sisters

When a witch turns 40, her nose suddenly grows long and crooked, adorned with at least one wart. In this scenario we follow two witch-sisters on their journey towards the big four-o and the inescapable nose.

The Battlefield of Memories

A ritual ensnares four artist-magicians in their shared memories, compelling them to relive their intricate past filled with love and betrayal, ultimately forcing them to engage in a beautiful and painful battle to the death.

When we wake

In the cold outer space, a lamp begins to flicker... The wake-up sequence has begun... Aboard the industrial hauler, FMS Bison, 5 souls wake up to their worst nightmares. Who can keep their composure and survive?

And the Ass saw the Angel

As the musician Nick Cave immerses himself in his dark and grotesque tale of a religious town in USA, the boundary between reality and fiction blurs. Influenced by mania, depression and drugs, he writes a story in collaboration with aspects of himself.

Masturbation Patrol

In 1950’s Copenhagen, four policemen are recruited into the morality police. Here they are tasked with capturing the homosexual men in the night-scene. It is a historical drama game that may feel absurd, about getting lost in a forbidden community, and the consequences their actions will have on real humans.


Four men in mid-life crisis set out on a journey to reestablish the local brewery they frequented as youngsters. A slightly absurd comedy about solving personal problems with brewing beer.

Prognosis: Ragnarok

In a solar system far away, far into the future, the despot O-Tan builds a prognosis-machine, telling him that Ragnarok cannot be stopped. A retelling of the Völsupa Edda in an epic 80’s heavy metal setting.

The tale of Vaulund's revenge

In a mythical Iron Age, King Nidudur has captured and mutilated the master smith Vaulund. In revenge, Vaulund forges a series of magical objects, each of which brings more and more decay to Nidudur's house and lineage.

The Book of Saxo

As the aging chronicler Saxo and Bishop Anders Sunesen initiate a potent relationship they find either redemption or despair in each other's arms. A love story framed by Saxo’s work writing down Danmarks infant history.


1914. Four novices of a student fraternity are handed responsibility for a supernatural creature when the rest of the fraternity is called to war. As the influence of the creature spreads, suppressed feelings and duel sabers are put more and more on edge.

The Soul Stone

In the middle of Pangaea is a cavernous hall containing a wondrous stone - the Soul Stone. Those who touch it gain a soul and a mouth. Lion, Owl and Snake have all touched it, and now they are debating who else should be gifted with a soul.


On a chaotic night in 90s Copenhagen, four experienced police officers must stop a major drug deal. How far will they go to achieve their goal? And do they have the same goal? A violent, entertaining and high-voltage action drama.

The Road to Babel

Deep in the Appalachian mountains, a nameless protagonist is searching for his lost mind in this GM-less folk horror experience. Through storytelling and cipher solving, frightful memories and unanswered questions arise as he tries to find his way home.


A sci-fi epic about vast virtual minds who develop in parallel with humanity over centuries. However, even with almost limitless power and intelligence, not all problems in the world are solvable.

Under Orion’s Belt

Anders is aided by the mythical hero Orion, when he finds that his marriage has become way too sexless. Unfortunately the old perv’s advice is not all quite up-to-date, and things get worse when the old lecher takes an interest in Anders' wife. The question now is: Can they reignite the spark?

The Witnesses

Four replicants and their human police agent attempt to create a neon ray of hope in the darkness of the megacity. By downloading and thus taking over witness accounts, they might be able to take on the otherwise untouchable Yakuza Mafia.