Here you can find practical information about Fastaval.

NB! Fastaval is now cashless. That means you can only pay with card or Mobilepay at service- and sales venues during Fastaval.

Time and place

Time: Wednesday, 5th-10th April 2023
Check-in opens Wednesday at 3PM

Place: Mariagerfjord Gymnasium, Amerikavej 5, 9500 Hobro

Date of setup: 3-4th April 2023 and take down: 10th April 2023

Tickets and prices

Ticket type Price
Entrance – One-day (Bought through the sign-up) 120 kr.
Entrance – One-day (Bought at the door) 130 kr.
Entrance – All days 350 kr.
Entrance – All days – ALEA member 225 kr.
Ticket type Price
Entrance – All days 250 kr.
Entrance – All days – ALEA member 125 kr.
Entry and ticket to Fastaval Junior (Only for Fastaval Junior participants)  180 kr.
Children under 13 years are allowed to be at Fastaval with a guardian but there are no activities organized for them. They still need to complete the sign-up to stay at Fastaval.
Ticket type Price
Entrance – All days 0 kr.
Ticket type Price
Entrance – All days 125 kr.
Young Organizer (under 18) – Entrance – All days 25 kr.
Ticket type Price
Rental of mattresses 150 kr.
Accommodation – One-day 100 kr.
Accommodation – All days 200 kr.
Accommodation – All days – Fastaval organizer 50 kr.
You can become a member of Alea (the organisation behind Fastaval) in your sign-up. This gives a 125 DKK discount on a all days ticket.
Ticket type Price
Alea membership 75 kr.


The sign-up is open from February 1st to February 20th. 
Up until February 20th you can add wear, food and activities. If you sign up after February 20th you can only add entry and accommodation to you sign-up.


Free all-day pass

Did you get a free daily-ticket to Fastaval, you can use it on either thursday April 6th, Friday April 7th or Saturday April 8th 2023. Meet up in the entrance by the Information and hand over your ticket. You will then get a daily bracelet that gives free access to Fastaval the whole day. We recommend new participants to tage part in the guidet tour around Fastaval at 10AM, for a good introduction to the place and the activities. Meet our tour-guide by the Information. Rules and conditions for use of ticket:
  • The ticket can’t be combined with other discounts (eg. the partout ticket)
  • The ticket can’t be exchanged for cash
  • The ticket will only give you access for one (1) day at Fastaval (will expire after 3 AM the following day)
  • You only get to use one (1) free all-day pass per person for this year’s Con


Fastaval offres both tickets with or without accommodation. Here you can read more about the accommodation options. Be aware that storage of personal stuff is on your own responsibility.
If you have bought a ticket that includes a standard overnight stay you will get a space in our large dormitory at Hobro Idrætscenter. This dormitory is located 100 meters from Mariagerfjord Gymnasium where the official Fastaval activities take place. You can bring your own mattress or rent a foam mattress when you sign up. There are toilets and bathing facilities in connection with the dormitory.
If you are up to and including 17 year old, you will be able to sleep in the youth dormitory at Mariagerfjord Gymnasium. There are toilets and bathing facilities in connection with the dormitory. You can choose this as an option when you sign up for Fastaval. It is not possible to rent a mattress when sleeping in the youth dormitory. Be aware that there might be limited space in this dormitory.
Fastaval’s organizers have the option of sleeping in a special organizer dorm at Mariagerfjord Gymnasium. There are toilets and bathing facilities in connection with the dormitory. You can choose this as an option when you sign up for Fastaval. It is not possible to rent a mattress when sleeping in the organizer’s dormitory. Be aware that there might be limited space in this dormitory. Organizers with shifts during Fastaval will be prioritized, in case there is a lack of spots.
At Fastaval we want to make space for people who for one reason or another don’t feel comfortable in the large dorm - If you have an emotional or physical need for a more quiet sleeping arrangement.  Der vil ligeledes blive arrangeret mindre sovesale for personer, der ikke drikker under Fastaval og derfor ønsker at sove i roligere omgivelser, med andre deltagere der ikke drikker. Denne overnatningsmulighed er i mindre klasselokaler på Mariagerfjord Gymnasium. Vær opmærksom på at der kan være begrænset antal pladser. Du deler badefaciliteter med Arrangørsovesalen og ungdomssovesalen. Hvis du har et særligt behov for én-persons badefacilitet, kontakt da Informationen. Du kan ikke leje madrasser når du sover i Stille- og ædrusovesalen.  If you would like to contact us about any special need, please write to or note it in your sign-up.  NB. These accommodations are reserved for individuals with special needs as well as people who don’t drink alcohol and wish to sleep around people who don’t drink either.
If you have purchased a ticket without any accommodation at Fastaval it is your responsibility to find a place to sleep during the convention. Again this year Fastaval has made a deal with the nearby Hotel Amerika.
They offer Fastaval’s participants
  • Single room, breakfast included – 895 DKK pr. night
  • Double room, breakfast included – 1095 DKK pr. night
Remember to tell the hotel explicitly that you are participating in Fastaval when you book a room.


This is the menu for breakfast and dinner, that you can get at Fastaval 2023. If you want any of the dishes, you need to add it to your sign-up before February 20.

The price for breakfast is 30 kr. and dinner 85 kr.


Hearty bread, spreads, boiled eggs, fruits and vegetable as well as cereal with yoghurt, milk or skyr.


Wednesday, 05/04
Pasta Cacio e Pepe with chicken
Vegetarian: Pasta Cacio e Pepe

Accompaniment: Italian inspired salat

Allergens: Gluten, egg, milk, mustard

Thursday, 06/04 - vegetarian day
Chili sin Carne with steamed rice & crème fraîche

Accompaniment: Mexican salat

Allergens: Celery, mustard

Friday, 07/04
Red curry chicken with wholegrains noodles and sweet chili sauce
Vegetarian: Tofu in red thai curry, wholegrains noodles and sweet chili sauce

Accompaniment: Thai salat

Allergens: Sesame, peanut, soy, gluten, mustard, fish

Saturday, 08/04
Vegetarian: Lasagne with spinach

Accompaniment: Italian inspired salat

Allergens: Gluten, egg, milk, celery, mustard

Sunday, 09/04
Meatballs in curry sauce with steamed rice and chutney
Vegetarian: Celeriac in curry with steamed rice & chutney

Accompaniment: This seasons fresh salat

Allergens: Gluten, egg, mustard, milk, celery


Fastaval has a few, simple rules that we ask you to observe. Infractions against the rules can result in your expulsion from Fastaval.

For Fastaval 2021, the main organizers made a “Code of care” with simple guidelines on how to make Fastaval a nice experience for both you and your fellow participants. Read them here.


Only vendors approved by Fastaval are allowed to sell food, drink, and merchandise.
You can only pay with card or Mobilepay at Fastavals service- and sales venues.


Fastaval appointed sleeping areas must be used for sleeping.

Fire safety regulations must be obeyed. Use only the marked areas in the sleeping area for sleeping. Luggage and sleeping gear must be placed within the marked areas. The Brandvagt (the fire safety group) will move all gear found outside the marked areas.

The sleeping area can only be used if you’ve bought access to the sleeping area. The “Brandvagt” will be checking if you have the necessary ticket by checking your bracelet at the entrance to the sleeping area at the Sports Center.

Alcoholic beverages

At Mariagerfjord Gymnasium all consumption of alcoholic beverages is forbidden.

You must be 18 years or older to drink alcoholic beverages at Fastaval.

As a rule, Fastaval allows no alcoholic beverages except those sold by Fastaval vendors. This rule is suspended during the Otto party on sunday evening.


Smoking will be allowed in “Tågefyrsternes Dal” (The Valley of the Mist Lords) at the Gymnasium all through Fastaval, the same is true for the Main entrance to the Idrætscenter (Sports Center) at the Bar.
At the Oasis smoking is allowed from 10 in the morning until 1 at night. Smoking after 1 is not allowed due to consideration for the neighbors.


Please show appropriate respect for the neighbors to the event at all times, we ask that you show careful consideration while outside.


Only animals that are certified as Assistance animals can be brought with you to Fastaval.


Under Danish law, any consumption of or distribution of illegal substances is strictly prohibited.

The Main Organizers of Fastaval reserves the right to amend the rules during the Convention for the sake of the Convention and the well-being of the participants.

Availability at Fastaval

Since Fastaval is held at Danish locations, Danish law on availability is upheld. That means both the Gymnasium and the Idrætscenter is available for wheelchair users. Handicap toilets and baths are also available. 

Do you have questions regarding the locations, please write an email to


As a participant in Fastaval, it is your responsibility to get to and from Fastaval, but we have gathered some information about your options to help you get there.

Public transportation:

Hobro Train Station is about 5 km from Mariagerfjord Gymnasium.

Hobro Bus Terminal is about 2 km from Mariagerfjord Gymnasium.

Information on trains and buses to Fastaval can be found via Midttrafik and Nordjyllands Trafikselskab.

The Copenhagen Bus:

Every year dedicated participants arrange a communal bus from Copenhagen to Fastaval. Read more at the Facebook event here.

Photo policy

Here you can read Fastaval's rules for photography and uploading images.
  • Photos taken in Fastaval common areas can be used by Fastaval on Fastaval's website, Facebook, and Instagram page. If you have anything against a picture that is online, please write to - we will of course remove it.
  • No photos may be taken of ongoing role play without prior approval from all participants.
  • Respect participants who do not want their photos taken.
  • Make photographers aware that you do not want to have your photos taken.
  • Photographs of children may not be taken without prior approval from the parents.
  • If you have pictures you would like to share with Fastaval, please send them to with credit.


Here, you can view the wear, merchandise, and sizes that are available for Fastaval 2023

Wear for Fastaval can only be purchased in the sign-up and has to be picked up at Fastaval in Hobro. It will not be shipped by Fastaval.

Size charts:

Hoodie - Unisex size:

T-shirt - Women size:

T-shirt - Men & kids size: