Shops at Fastaval

There are plenty of opportunities to bring loot home from Fastaval. Every year, shops come by and sell their products. The shops at Fastaval are located both outside in the common areas and inside the surrounding rooms - so keep your eyes peeled.

If you would like to participate in Fastaval with your shop or be part of Artist Alley, please write to

Here you can read more about the shops at Fastaval:

Once the shops for Fastaval 2024 are determined, you can find descriptions of them here.

Epic Panda

Epic Panda

Pandadad brings his Epic Panda / Epic Dwarf store with their 2.4+ ton (and epic) dwarf chest full of role-playing books, where you can find the book you need for your collection or discover a new role-playing system you didn't know about. You'll also find board games and a selection of merchandise and other geeky stuff!

Opening hours at Fastaval: 10:00 – 00:00
Room: B45

Look at their website:

Bunkern Esbjerg


Opening hours at Fastaval: 10:00-22:00
Room: A07

Look at their website:

Artist Alley

Artist Alley is an annual initiative at Fastaval. On Saturdays from 12-6pm, a handful of artists, crafters and artisans from across the country gather in the middle of Fastaval's common area and showcase their handmade goods to attendees. Everything sold at Artist Alley is unique and won't be found in any normal geek stores. At the same time, you can have a super cozy chat about crafts, creativity and life as a geek.

At Fastaval 2024 you will be able to find the following artists:

Madebytrolls is taking a trip across the Bifrost for a while, bringing with them magical items for both roleplaying and everyday life! Handmade dice bags, laser-cut GM screens, boxes of teeth, geeky stickers - and much, much more!

Handmade wands, flashlights, dice trays, jewelry and more! 

SplitODice is run by Danish dice maker Freja Oldrup. All dice are handmade in Viborg and often come with a fun twist.

Katja’s handcraft
First-time artist with homemade polymer clay earrings in a variety of cute and pretty designs!

Martillo Workshops
Søren Hammer brings fantasy goodies in forged iron and leather. Everything is made in the Martillo Workshop forge in Hobro. You can hunt for metal dice, wands, and all sorts of other goodies, or learn how to start forging yourself!

RavicaArt offers unique art and ceramics full of magic, fantasy and witchy geekery. It's the perfect opportunity to get a book ghost or a witch mug full of handmade details that will make your magical sisters green with envy! Plus, there are prints, stickers and other goodies straight from the artist himself.

Østerskov Alicorns
In the østerskov alicorn booth we sell bracelets and thermo cups. The thermo cups will often be in an LGBTQI+ theme or with a nerdy twist.
All profits will go towards funding a trip to Mythodea this summer. Many of the association's members do not have the means to go themselves, so we are trying to raise money so that more of our members can go.


I'm Jose2bJoseArt and I have a bit of a mixed bag! My products are very zero-waste focused, with all fabric from surplus production, cardboard from breakfast boxes, and paper from recycling. I have hair bows, hand-bound journals, pincushions, stickers of various kinds, washi tape, coloring books, and more, so stop by my booth and take a look!

TinyMagicCrafts is an artist who is inspired by magic, fantasy and miniature and tries to combine these with their products. They bring items for the geek home: trinkets, booknooks and bookends. They also bring indispensable items for your dnd campaign: dicetowers, dice jails, dicetrays and more. In addition, at TinyMagicCrafts you can find jewelry such as: book earrings, potion necklaces and small leather bound books in necklaces.

My name is Chili and I'm an artist and storyteller. In my shop you can find all kinds of goodies like prints, stickers, pins, etc.
Pretty much everything I do is inspired by nature and fantasy, so I'm really excited to come to Fastaval and meet people who love it as much as I do!

Grannies Gaming Goods
One early evening before role-playing, Natashja couldn't find the dice she needed for her character. "Crap!" Natashja thought and exclaimed "You might as well make them yourself if they keep getting lost!", and so the idea for Grandma's Gaming Goodies was born.
Now wearing sleeves and aprons, Grandma's Gaming Goodies has emerged from a small kitchen in Varde, where Natashja Olsen and Michael Lundby make unique dice the old-fashioned way.

IrvingsReef is a shop focused on making digital art of sea creatures - but especially sharks!

Under this theme I sell cute keychains, stickers, prints and more!

I hope you'll stop by ^^

How do I become a salesperson at Artist Alley?

If you would like to try your hand as a salesperson in our Artist Alley, please send an email to
In the email, you can introduce yourself and your shop/craft and possibly share on social media/website so we can see what you do.
Unfortunately, we don't have unlimited spaces, but as the project is still growing, we want to make room for as many people as possible.

Time: 12-18 Saturday (setup from 10-12)
Price as a seller: 150 kr (includes one day access to Fastaval). An additional 50 kr. per table you wish to use.