Are you new at Fastaval? On this page you can find answers to some of the questions that new participants or parents often have about Fastaval. We can also be contacted at 

Practical information about time, place, price, and transport is available here.

Fastaval is a convention with focus on role play and board games. Each year an estimated 800-1.000 people meet up for playing, gaming, workshopping, partying, trading and geeking out over stuff, crisscrossing the age gap.

Fastaval is a gathering of various activities that exists under the same term. Here you can dig Pathfinder-roleplays, Magic: the Gathering and Warhammer, or you can play some really amazing designer board games and premiere roleplays, which were made with contributions by some of Fastavals’ own participants and, by the way, are ranked as some of the very best in the world.

Fastaval can best be described as a five-day mini community, where all of your desires are available at the Congress area. Fastaval has its own kiosk, bar and Coffee Inn with luxury coffee and board games up for loan. And just like the previous year, an assortment of different shopkeepers will set up stores to sell merchandise to the participants.

Furthermore, Fastaval has its own TV Crew, its own unique Cleaning Crew armed with plungers and cleaning agents and its very own information stand, ready to answer every question that might come.

Fastaval always takes place at Easter from Wednesday to Monday. Since 2012 Fastaval has been located at Mariagerfjord Gymnasium in Hobro.

Fastaval has a whole bunch of organizers that voluntarily puts their own time and energy in getting the convention to run smoothly. Below you can read about some of the organizer areas that you’ll most likely get into contact with during Fastaval:

  • Main Organizers: Fastaval has a primary steering committee that’s run by one Main Organizer, who we’ll refer to as “The General”. You can read more about the Main Organizers hereDuring Fastaval the Main Organizers will take turn being General on Duty and having the overall responsibility for Fastaval. You can read more about the General on Duty here.
  • The Info: Information Stand that can answer every single question regarding Fastaval during the Con. Read more about the Info here.
  • The Night Watch: A band of volunteers who are on Fire Patrol around the clock and make Fastaval a safe place for all of us. Read more about the Night Watch here.
  • DirtBusters: Cleaning Crew who keeps Fastaval clean. Read more about DirtBusters here.

The registration is open approximately two months before Fastaval begins. You can find information about this year’s sign-up here or follow us on Facebook where the registration will be announced when it’s ready.

  • Before sign-up:Are you going to sign-up for this year’s Fastaval, it might just be a good idea to read up on this year’s activities, so you have an idea about what you want to do once you’re here. It is also recommended to narrow down what type of ticket that best suits your need, as well. You can find information about the tickets here.
  • Practical information:In the registration form you start by filling out practical information. After that you are presented with different types of tickets, accommodations, food, and membership in ALEA. 
  • Activities: After you’ve signed up for the practical stuff you can sign-up for the activities. Fastaval is a big place with lots and lots of different activities - at first glance it can seem a bit overwhelming. But just, stay with us and everything will be okay - you always have the option of going back and adjust. You can sign-up for activities in different game slots each day, but you don’t have to sign-up for activities in every game slot. You can sign-up for different activities happening at the same time, but this means that you have to prioritize in what order you want each activity (if you are the game master on a scenario you can prioritize it as sl.1). We have a team of schedule master minds who works tirelessly to get all the pieces to fit and ensure that you get as many first priorities as possible.
  • Fastaval Together: If you’re not an organizer at Fastaval you will be asked to help out with something. Fastaval can only exist if we all help out. There are four options to choose from: Scenario Facilitator, Game Guide, The Setup Team or Hero Force. The tasks vary, depending on what you chose. Each task will be specified in the registration. We will of course make sure that your tasks won’t interfere with your other activities. Aren’t you 18 yet you won’t work with alcohol. Read more about the Hero Force here.
  • Your Personal Program:When the registration for this year’s activities is closed, we will begin to create your program for this year’s Fastaval. About a week before Fastaval you will receive a “participation mail” where you can see what activities we have given you. Please be adviced that there can be minor adjustments up until Fastaval. Therefore, you need to check your program at the Information when you arrive at Fastaval. You can also see your activities on your phone if you download the Fastaval App (it’s available both for Android and iPhone).
  1. When you arrive at Fastaval (yay!) you need to check in as the very first thing. You do that in The Informationwhere the volunteers in orange will be there to greet you and provide you with a bracelet. This happens for both the participants that will attend Fastaval for numerous days, and those who attend on a 1-day ticket.
  2. Then you’ll head over to the dormitory to find your sleeping spot.Based on the accommodation option you picked in the registration you need to find the corresponding room and drop off your luggage there. Ask the Info for the way if you have any doubts at all.
  3. Now your very own Fastaval can truly begin. And who knows what will happen as the first thing - maybe you play a board game in the Otto's Coffee Inntreat yourself to a marvelous drink at The Oasisvisit one of the many shopkeepers or prepare yourself for one of the multitude of activities.

If you are a participant with a ticket for an accommodation at Fastaval you have a spot in the regular dormitory.It’s obligatory to bring your own necessary gear including a mattress or sleeping pad, so remember to bring it - unless you’ve specifically chosen a mattress in the registration. 

OBS! If you have a self-inflating mattress you will need to inflate it outside the dormitory.

In the dormitory we’ve made some markings on the floor with tape. You are not allowed to sleep outside of those markings due to Fire Safety. Your luggage must stay within the line as well.

At the dormitory you’ll find communal toilets and gender-specific shower facilities. Private showers can be offered if you have specific needs. Talk with the Info about this.

During Fastaval the dormitory will be somewhat darkened, with singular light sources around the walk paths, so if you need additional light to get you back to your own spot you can use your phone or a flashlight - just beware that other people might sleep, so you need to take that into account.

Outside the dormitory there are Organizers posted around the clock. During the day it’s primarily the The Hero Force and in the evening and during the night it’s The Night WatchYou can always talk to the Night Watch if any problem should occur.

Participants that got a bracelet for the dormitory gets a special wristband, and it might happen that the Night Watch checks it. Only participants with the wristband for the dormitory get to spend time in the dormitory.

Are you going with your junior high school or boarding school you can choose to sleep in a separate junior high dormitory, where there are only people under 18 years of age.

An option to get an accommodation in a quiet- and sober dormitory will be provided too. This is an option for people with special needs and/or people that stay sober during Fastaval and who wishes to sleep in proximity to other sober participants.

Read more about catering at Fastaval here or read more about our sales venues here.

There are several grocery stores in Hobro City, and even in a brisk walking distance from Mariagerfjord Gymnasium.

Fastaval has two dispensing points: The Bar and The OasisYou can find both of them at Hobro Idrætscenter, which is located 200 meters from Mariagerfjord Gymnasium. Read more about Fastaval’s rules for alcohol here.

Fastaval is over by Monday morning, when the light is turned on in the dormitories, and everybody packs up their luggage. Free breakfast is available to all those that helps packing Fastaval down. Afterwards we help each other clean the area. If you don’t know how to help out, then talk to an organizer in the common area. When Fastaval is nice and pretty again you can go home.

There can be numerous reasons as to why a participant can’t be a part of cleaning. Fastaval neither can’t nor won’t force you to stay all of Monday. But it’s worth remembering that Fastaval only exist because we all help each other out with tasks.

Fastaval Lingo: Fastaval has existed since 1986, which means that over the years the Con has created its own lingo and peculiar concepts. It can be a tad annoying if you’re new at Fastaval and other participants use expressions that you aren’t familiar with. For instance, what is a DB or an InfoNaut, and who the heck is this Otto? Fastaval has made a dictionary where you can read about different expressions and words unique to Fastaval. Access the dictionary here.

Voluntary-ness: Fastaval is driven by voluntaries who are really passionate for the Con. But the cogs are only in motion because of participants helping each other out and everybody does something. Some design games, other run activities, some are Night Watch, but the majority of the participants completes one or more Hero Tasks. Read more about the Hero Force here.

Help each other: At Fastaval we strive for creating a culture where we can always rely on help from each other. That’s why you can always ask for help from the other participants or from the organizers. If you need information or looking for a specific organizer you can always ask in the Info.

Money: At Fastaval you can pay with card and MobilePay. NB! In 2023 it is no longer possible paying with cash.

The Reserve Queue:  If you by any chance has gotten yourself a game slot with no activities and would like to play a premiere scenario you can always get to the back of the reserve queue. The reserve queue consists of a roll of numbers (like at the baker) that’s been hung up 1 hour prior to game launch. When you’ve grabbed a number then take a seat, lean back and chill out, and wait for game launch. You could spend the time reading up on the foreword for this year’s premiere scenario, located nearby. When game launch begins, you’ll be met by an Infonaut, who are going to tell you what scenarios are open. The reserve queue can’t guarantee that there’s an open spot on your favorite scenario, but there’s consistently good praise of the reserve queue giving extra-ordinarily great experiences. You’ll find the reserve queue in the common area at Mariagerfjord Gymnasium.

Game distributions: Some of Fastaval’s activities requires that all participants must be divided into teams. This is especially true it you’ve signed up for premiere scenarios and designer board games. At your sign-up note it is written where and when you are to appear for your activity. Remember to arrive on time. If the participants are to be divided into teams you are instructed to show up in a classroom. At the meeting point the participants will be well met by a person responsible for creating the team. It’s different how the team is put together. If not all of the participant registered for the activity has shown up an Infonaut makes sure that people from the reserve queue is included. When you’ve been divided into a team, you’ll be escorted to your gaming room and the activity can begin.

Safety Hosts: If you need someone to talk to during Fastaval you can always contact the Safety Hosts. They are a merry band of volunteers who’s always up for a talk about big stuff and small stuff, if you ever need it. Read more about the Safety Hosts here.