Come join us and make your very own board game at Fastaval!

We’ll hand out materials from already published board games, and it’s your job to transform those into your very own brand new board game.

We’ve got a secluded and dedicated area where we can work on the games, playtest and help each other out. A big part of Game Rush is this particular aspect of feedback and community, which is invaluable when making board games.

Game Rush starts on Wednesday night, with an introduction to ensure a good start. It ends on Friday night where each participant/team) will have about 10 minutes to pitch the game to our panel of judges.

Afterward, the judges will debate the games and find a final winner, which will be presented with “The Egg” (sign of an aspiring talent) award at the big Otto Award. Show on Sunday evening at Fastaval.

Having said that, Game Rush is mostly about the focus on creative freedom, and being part of a safe and learning community, in which it’s possible to try yourself out and test your abilities. It’s not only accepted but expected, that you’ll fail your way to success.

I’m really looking forward to seeing your game ideas this year!

Kind Regards from Mads Fløe
Organizer of Game Rush

Requirements: You must be able to participate in at least the start-up and finish of Game Rush.

Maximum: 16 participants/teams

Time: Wednesday at 8-10 PM (start-up) + Friday at 7-10 PM (finish)

Price: Free

How it will unfold:
Wednesday the 5th of April, 8-10 PM
→ Introduction with guidance to get started well (participation mandatory).

Thursday the 6th of April
→ Work freely on your games. We’ll be meeting ad hoc during the day to work and help each other out with playtesting, feedback, help, and guidance from one another.

Friday the 7th of April
→ Deadline & presentation of games in front of the judges (mandatory participation).
All participants/teams get 10 minutes to pitch/present their game to the judging panel, which this year consists of Aske Severin Juul Christiansen & Kåre Torndahl Kjær and others  

Sunday the 9th of April
→ The winner of the Game Rush is announced and will receive the “Egg” as a sign of an aspiring talent at the big Otto Party. Along with the price is also a ticket to directly enter “the big” game design competition at Fastaval in 2023.