Sponsors – Fastaval 2022

Do you want to contribute with something for Fastaval?

Send an email to bunker@fastaval.dk

This year, we use the support from rich uncles and aunts, to give a dinner to people who would like to receive financial support. Do you want to give support but cannot attend Fastaval? Feel free to send an email to andreas@fastaval.dk and get help to send a donation.

At Fastaval 2022, Bach Hansen Consult sponsors name tags to all participants.

Thank you for the support!

For Fastaval 2022, Workz organized a laedership course for some of our team leaders.

Thank you for a great course!

At Fastaval 2022, Corra Design donates homemade candles, with this year's logo on, for the last people who helped pack down Fastaval.

Thank you for the donation!

At Fastaval 2022, Epic Panda sponsors bags for participant’s wear.

Thank you for the support!

At Fastaval 2022, CPSMS sponsors the SMS-service so Fastaval can contact all the participants.

Thank you for the support!