Sponsors for Fastaval 2024

Do you want to contribute with something for Fastaval?

Send an email to fastaval@fastaval.dk

In 2024, we use the support of rich uncles and aunts to provide participants with dinner and breakfast if they feel they need a financial contribution. If you are not attending Fastaval but would still like to contribute, you can send an email to andreas@fastaval.dk and get help to send a donation.

Here is a spot for your logo!

For Fastaval 2024, Bach Hansen Consult is sponsoring name badges for all participants.

Thank you for the support!

For Fastaval 2023, Østerskov Efterskole is sponsoring the printing of all Fastaval scenarios.

Thank you for your contribution!

Spilforsyningen has donated game items for the Fastaval Game Rush and board games for the Fastaval Board Game Café.

Thank you very much for the donations!