Fastaval is a big place with a lot of people for almost a week. Our participants come from all over the world across age, education, gender, and sexualities. Some people come here to play a lot of roleplaying games, others prefer Magic the Gathering and some are just here to hang out with old and new friends. But whoever you are and no matter why you are here, it is important that you feel safe – both as a participant and as an organizer.

On this page, you can read about how the Fastaval organization keeps you safe and how we handle conflicts and individuals who exhibit problematic behavior. This page tells you who to contact if you have a concern or an issue you want us to know about. And who can help you before, during, and after Fastaval.

NB! Fastaval's main organizers act on the principle that we only get involved if you contact us directly; by writing us an email, via the Safety Hosts, or if you contact a member of the main organizer group personally. We do not enter conflicts or ban individuals based on rumors or information given to us on social media. Therefore it is very important that you contact us directly if you feel unsafe at Fastaval.

No issue is too big or too small. We want to talk to you and we want to know how we create a safe Fastaval for everyone.

Love Fastaval's main organizers