Aces of the Galaxy

The figure game “Star Wars: X-Wing” meets the World War 1 aircraft game “In Clouds of Glory” and creates an impressive visual 3D battle game between good and evil.


It is Important as a Bohemian Artist to wander the streets aimlessly in search of Inspiration and to practice your Art... but it is also important to earn money for food. A deckbuilding game about the daily life of a bohemian artist and how few hours there are in a day.


This steam punk co-op has you working to repair the grand old watch by removing rust from the eternally turning cogwheels. But time is running out!

Consumed by Darkness

Fight the darkness in this dice-roller dungeon crawler. Even if you’re not the one rolling the dice, you can still use some of them.


Build your industrial network with a series of actions on a tracker, but prioritize them carefully. If you skip some, your chosen action will become stronger, but you will get fewer moves.

Die Royal

The dice roll fast in this simultaneous realtime game where players compete to claim territory before the timer is up. Count your points, catch your breath, and then the next round starts!


An abstract trick-taking game where the tricks consist of four cards that land in a certain formation. The goal is to fill out the entire board by making tricks in the right configurations.

Gladigator – The the Crocosseum

In this team-based deckbuilding game, lizard gladiators battle for the crowd's favour to upgrade their cards, but must also stay focused on attacking and defending against their opponents.


Together you build the most beautiful garden for Queen Marie by cutting pieces out of your individual player boards to combine them most rewardingly on he common board.

Last shed you defend before you die

The zombies are coming! But luckily you have a shed, with a bit of luck you might even have a weapon and some food, or you might just have more zombies, dead bodies, and disease.

Lunar Nexus

In kalaha style, white and black stones must be spread out in several possible lanes to ensure you the best actions - but at the same time you cannot avoid giving away advantages to your opponents.

Mole Racing

Guide your mole racer quickly and safely to the finish line without it going off the track - but moles have poor vision, so you can only move it as long as you have your eyes closed or until you hit something.


Lightning fast, tiny 4x in space based on rondels. The action of the turn is dictated by one player but carried out by all simultaneously.

Perils of the Deep

Steer both of your pirate ships safely through all kinds of perils. The leading one finds treasure, but the backmost one scores points, and everything can be lost in an instant if you don't watch out for the lurking dangers.


In Railforge, raw materials must be procured, railways built and trains dispatched. From a 3x3 shaker, a column or row of resources is selected, which must be transferred directly to one's production apparatus - for better or for worse.


Come to the saloon for a pretend game of poker! Different cards affect what is available on the table and what’s on people’s hands, and the designers encourage “roleplaying light” along the way to set the mood.

Shady Summit

A super fast game of hidden traitor - so hidden that even you don’t know if it’s you! Who the traitor is must be figured out by looking at which players play which cards.


Tourists are stupid. With your bike taxi it’s easy to “accidentally” take a detour around your friend's café. Ka-ching! But the city map is constantly updating with new bonuses and sights to see, so the competition is intense.

The City Builders (Stadsbyggarna)

Through three eras the players expand the common village both sideways and upwards as they each offer their addition to secure money and fame for their guilds.

Tribal Conquest: A New Dawn

This game will test your strategic acumen, tactical prowess, and adaptability. Will you emerge as the unchallenged ruler, or will your tribe succumb to the machinations of others?

Village Pride

Pride parade has come to a tiny village in Jutland. A set collection game where the colours must be placed in the right order for maximum points in the rainbow parade.

Voting War

Democrazy has come to fantasy land, and you want to be president! But be careful with your election promises: the elves do not approve of shopping malls in their forests, and the Orcs will not go vegan.