by Jasper de Lange. Wander the streets of Paris, disappear on romantic escapades, and fight your opium addiction, all in the name of art and inspiration. The Bohemians were an eccentric lot: idealizing poverty to achieve artistic freedom, against[...]


by Elias Nielsen, Lucas Høeg & Anna Alberte Krølner. Dive down into Clockwork, a co-op game, where you, as the watchmaker, remove rust from the gears to repair the old clock before time runs out. Experience a steampunk esthetic and complex strategies in[...]


by Anders Gerlev Hansen & Julius Larsen Seerup. Aspiring astronomers attempt to best one another by being the first to discover a new zodiac sign. Outwit your opponents in this quick, abstract trick-taking game.

Consumed by Darkness

by Kristian Karlberg & Kenny Zetterberg. In this adventure game of one versus many, a valiant trio of heroes consisting of a barbarian, wizard, and ranger confronts the beasts of Darkness. Players take turns by rolling colored dice, assigning them to powerful skills and[...]


by Erik Andersson Sundén & Christopher Stenseth. You want to become the new leader of Lunar Nexus. With the game's Kalaha-inspired worker placement mechanic, you cannot gather support for yourself without also letting your opponents take beneficial actions.


by Tobias Olsson Grahn. The Hinterlands is a region ripe for development - it is full of natural resources but has been left untouched due to rough terrain. Railroad companies now compete to become the most prominent transportation service in the region.[...]

Ace up the Sleeve

by Tim Slumstrup Aunkilde & Henrik Krøjmand. “Read ‘em and weep, chicken lickers!”, snickered the stranger. “4 aces.” The stranger made a greedy grab towards the money, but was stopped by the feeling of nose against barrel, staring into the sheriff's revolver. “Not so fast, partner.[...]

Gladigator – Enter the Crocosseum

by Peter Langkjær Møller. In the blood soaked sand of the Crocosseum, mighty reptilian warriors fight to the death in front of a roaring crowd. A chaotic dueling deck-builder where crazy combos and risky stratagems will seal your victory!

The King's Garden

by Jeppe Norsker. The king is obsessed with constant change in his garden. Everything must be frequently altered – one day a lawn, the next a flower bed. It's impossible to satisfy the pedantic king, and the situation only worsened after the royal gardener[...]


by Niklas Gestrin & Markus Tångring. A Draw, Cut, Glue, Tile Laying Co-op Game about landscaping Marie Antoinette's new valley. You play together, if you play it as a co-op game, to build the valley according to Maries wishes. She expresses[...]

Last shed you defend before you die

by Benny Wallin. Escape the wilderness shed before a government nuke hits. Find car parts to start an old car and avoid zombies or fallout. Protect the shed, explore for parts, and increase survival odds.

Mole Racing

by Jenny Holf & Tomas Falemo. Have you ever wondered what it is like to drive a race car if you are a mole with very poor eyesight? Well, it’s just like driving with your eyes closed! Grab your car, take another look at the track[...]

Age of Antpires

by Mads Emil Christensen & Johannes Følsgaard. The Queen is dead! The Antpire is in scrambles. Lead your faction through these chaotic times. Roll dice and think fast to conquer your opponents and decide the fate of the Antpire. Long Live The Queen!


by Chris Backe. It's the 23rd century, and you're all Captains developing new solar systems for your Emperor. In this mini-4x rondel-builder, one person gives an order (Scout, Buy, Mine, or Zap) that all other players must[...]

Perils of the Deep

by Søren Brandborg & Mark Elsdon. Embark on a daring voyage in ‘Perils of the Deep’, a thrilling card game where bold seafarers navigate treacherous trade routes, employing cunning strategy and deck-building prowess. [...]

Railforge: Recycle, Resettle!

by Kåre Torndahl Kjær & Mads Fløe. Embark on a regenerative journey in "Railforge: Recycle, Resettle," where the groundbreaking E.W.O.C transforms the waste in “The Fills” into strategic resources. Will you lead the charge towards a sustainable future[...]

Spy Noir

af Alexander Seier & Joakim Seier Poulsen. Welcome to Spy Noir. A game of dodgy decisions and crooked criminals. The annual meeting about to start, when troubling news arrive: Someone has been compromised. This “problem” must be “taken care of” for[...]

The City Builders (Stadsbyggarna)

af Esbjörn Rundberg. Through three eras the players expand the common village both sideways and upwards as they each offer their addition to secure money and fame for their guilds. The City Builders is a quick and easy game played[...]

Tribal Conquest: A New Dawn

af Kasper Kjær Christiansen & Kåre Werner Storgaard. Tribal Conquest: A New Dawn is an asymmetrical strategic game for 2-4 players where each player controls a unique tribe with the goal of achieving victory through tribal mechanics and territorial conquest.

Village Pride

af Camille Boelt Hindsgaul. It’s the day of your village’s pride parade and you are one of the organisers. Get your floats, friends, and rainbows in order and collect performers, flags, pets, and buddies to make sure that your parade section stands out the most!