by Tobias Olsson Grahn.

The Hinterlands is a region ripe for development - it is full of natural resources but has been left untouched due to rough terrain. Railroad companies now compete to become the most prominent transportation service in the region. Leading such a company, you will decide how to gain and spend resources by moving forward on an action track. Skipped actions may boost the action you choose, and you will need to plan your moves to be as efficient as possible.


  • Time:

    90-150 minutes

  • Players: 3 – 5
  • Language: English

In Destination, each player leads a railroad company towards greatness by building railroads, delivering resources, and investing in projects. Each company has its unique abilities which will be paired with a type of leadership and a selection of Projects to invest in.

You will take turns by moving forward on an action track. Each action represents ways that your company spends time and money throughout a year, and will allow you to collect resources. The resources are then spent to construct railroads and stations on the hex map, invest in projects, innovate new technologies, and build trains.

You may boost the action you select and make it more efficient by skipping enough actions before it. However, you must always move two or more steps, and you can’t use any action that is fully occupied by other players.

By the end of each round, you will decide what goods to deliver with each of your trains. Deliveries yield Victory Points, but you may also receive Favors by meeting demands. Favors may be spent to gain other resources or to activate special abilities. Your company, your leadership and the projects you have invested in will determine how you may spend your Favors.

Some events, like completing a project or connecting places on the map, will advance a development track, which will eventually signal the end of the game. After end-game scoring, the player with the most Victory Points wins the game!

About the designer

Tobias Olsson Grahn has been designing board games as a hobby since 2018. He works as an archaeological case manager for the County Administrative Board of Norrbotten. He plays board games in most forms, but often leans towards the mid-heavy titles. His current favorites are Carnegie, Forest Shuffle and Patchwork.

This is the second time Tobias is presenting a game at Fastaval, the first being Deities of the Old Kingdom in 2022. Tobias likes to experiment with different types of games and mechanics, but tries to keep them easy to learn while still offering interesting decisions.