These persons/groups have received an Honorary Otto

1992: Mads Lunau

1993: Paul Hartvigson

1994: Troels Chr. Jakobsen

1995: Cool Fish Delivery

1996: Søren Parbæk

1997: Rollespilsmagasinet Fønix

1998: Kristoffer Apollo og Mette Finderup

1999: Not awarded

2000: Peter Bengtsen

2001: Sara Hald

2002: Morten Juul

2003: Natural Born Holmers

2004: Peter Brodersen

2005: Merlin P. Mann

2006: Malik Hyltoft

2007: Landsforeningen for Levende Rollespil (The Danish Roleplaying Organization)

2008: Brian Rasmussen

2009: Jesper Wøldiche

2010: Vi Åker Jeep

2011: Lars Andreasen

2012: Klaus Meier Olsen & Kristoffer Rudkjær

2013: Jesper Heebøll Arbjørn

2014: DirtBusters

2015: Claus Raasted

2016: Simon James Pettit

2017: René Bokær Pedersen

2018: Peter Lind

2019: Joan Zenia Juhl Hansen

2020: Not awarded

2021: Andreas Ravn Skovse

About the Honorary Otto

Each year at Fastaval an honorary award is given to a person or group that has done extraordinary work for Fastaval. The Honorary Otto is a token of gratitude and love from Fastaval and Alea (the organization behind Fastaval) to those who through many years have helped innovate, maintain, and developed Fastaval and the surrounding landscape to where it is today.

Who Awards the Honorary Otto?
The Honorary Otto is Aleas award and is given by a jury consisting of a chairperson and four-five jury members. It is a tradition that the previous year's winner both selects the new jury and leads it the following year. To secure the jury a wide selection of the entire environment surrounding Fastaval, you can nominate persons and groups you feel deserve an extraordinary clap on the back. We receive nominations through an online form, which will be shared both on the websites and Fastavals social media platforms in the months up to Fastaval. Nominations are used as inspirations and guidelines, but the final call is up to the jury of the Honorary Otto.

Awarding the Honorary Otto:
The Honorary Otto is given on Saturday during Fastaval at an open for all reception. Here you can have a glass of bubbles and congratulate the nominees. The Honorary Otto will also be awarded from the stage during the Otto Party, where the winner will be allowed to give a speech.

The Honorary Otto Jury for Fastaval 2022

Foreman of the jury

Andreas Ravn Skovse

Andreas’s bigger brother taught him to play tabletop RPGs back in 1992. Here he met both the Danish club community and the con community a couple of years later. Andreas became a Fastaval organizer in 1998 and has only been a non-organizing participant once since. Mainly he has been part of the Info, board games, doing Fastaval’s economy, and also serving as a main organizer. Andreas has been active in Alea for years (the formal organization behind Fastaval). These years he mostly plays board games but has a goal of participating in two scenarios at Fastaval in-between all the volunteer work. Andreas was rewarded with the Honorary Otto in 2021 and therefore he has the honor of curating this year’s jury.

Marie Oscilowski

Marie started playing tabletop RPGs as an after-school activity back when she was 14 years old and she never looked back since. She has been a Fastaval organizer on/off since 2015 and has been serving both as scenario-organizer, Fastaval General, otto-jury member, and coordinating game runs. Furthermore, Marie has written scenarios, more or less every year, since 2014 – both alone and with others. Marie loves loves loves Fastaval and hopes we get to see each other IRL this year.

Jakob Ponsgård

Jakob slayed his first dragon in his friend’s attic sometimes in the mid-nineties and tabletop RPGs have been a persistent, time-consuming part of his life ever since. Jakobs first Fastaval was in 1999 and Covid-19 ruined a perfect streak of more than 20 years. John TV, RPG designer and -consumer, Otto jury member, and Cafe revolutionary are some of Jakob’s previous Fastaval tasks. Outside the attic in Beder, was a forest where the buffer sword was swung and his passion for larping was ignited. Having been a board member in Eidolon Aarhus, a kitchen manager at several larps, a player at many, many more and a main organizer of Knudepunkt, Jakob is indeed also a seasoned larper.

Kathrine Lindequist Abel

Kathrine has been an active part of Fastaval since 2012. She has been a main organizer for several years in a row and this year she is both a jury member for the Honorary Otto and the board game Ottos. Kathrine plays a lot of board games, tabletop RPGs, and larps – she especially loves well-produced nordic larps. And in between, she also finds the time to organize larps. Besides all this, Kathrine is the creator of the Danish podcast Larping Out Loud which she hosts with Katrine Wind.

Mads Havshøj

For Mads, it all started with the tabletop game “Drager og Dæmoner” (Danish translation of the Swedish game Draker & Dæmoner) and Hero Quest in the mid-90s. He has been an organizer at Fastaval almost every year since 2004 and has been involved in several different areas of the Fastaval organization. Mads is an active board game player, and organizer of several larps. Ordinary tabletop role-playing games are all he plays at Fastaval these days. Mads has a large Danish and international network and looks forward to hugging them all when the pandemic is over.