Other activities 2024

The Great Bazaar

Fastavals Great Bazaar is THE PLACE to meet. It's where you can come and promote your association and exchange information and ideas about upcoming events.

A guided introduction to BattleTech!

Play out the battles of the 31’st century in this alternative miniature game. Take on the role of MechWarrior and pilot your giant robotic BattleMechs to victory against the enemy. 


FastaSings is Fastavals take on the ol classic karaoke So Just Duet! Come in and join us in song. Alone is ok too. The doors will be open all evening, so come along and have fun. Remember: Keep Calm and Karaoke On!

Fastaval Re-Allocation

Fastaval is steadily approaching with the possibility of sending your old nerdy treasures to a new and loving home and bring home the neat stuff, that you have been looking for for a long time.

Miniature Painting competition

Figurmalings konkurrencen er en konkurrence om at male den flotteste figur. Det vil være muligt at indlevere en figur i 3 kategorier.

Landsforeningen Bifrost Quiz

How much do you really know about Landsforeningen Bifrost? Do you actually know what it is? Join our Bifrost Quiz!

Magic the Gathering – Commander

Here you start with 40 life and play best out of 1. Your deck must have a LEGENDARY CREATURE as your commander, and no card in your deck may have a manasymbol not found on that commander.

Magic the Gathering – Draft

Want a way to play that offers a level playing field and lets you check out new cards at the same time? Then draft is a format for you.

Magic the Gathering – Sealed

Sealed is a great format if you look forward to the excitement of checking out new cards and playing without being required to bring your own pre-built deck.

Magic the Gathering – Two-headed Giant

Two-Headed Giant is a fun multiplayer format where two-player teams battle against one another. Each team takes actions as a team rather than individually. There are some rules for Two-Headed Giant that differ from other multiplayer formats:

Mega Civilization

Mega Civilization, is a game of skill for 5 to 18 players covering the historical development of ancient civilization from just after the last Ice Age to the dawn of the new era at the end of the Iron age - a time span of almost 8,000 years. Each player leads their own civilization as it tries to expand its culture over a map board that stretches from Europa to India.

Mega Twister

Mega Twister is the classic twister game on a grander scale, with more people, a larger gameboard and more fun. With 10-20 people from the beginning, it is guaranteed to become complicated, and over time the game board will shrink forcing people closer together.

Medievalism, Courage and Masculinity; A Lecture

(Only in danish) Kom med, når litteraturhistoriker Valdemar Lenschow fortæller om det komplicerede forhold mellem fænomenet middelalderisme og forskellige maskuline idealer; fra 1800-tallet og frem til I dag.

Mind Cycling

Mind Cycling is a board game with a realistic approach inspired by the professional world of cycling. Mind Cycling is a strategy game where luck doesn't exist because there are no dice or cards. The goal of the game is simple: get to the finish line first but also become the best team manager.

New at Fastaval

Is this your first time at Fastaval? Then you should join us for a tour around the fascilities. We will also talk about some of the terms that you will hear, but that might be a little out of context for new comers. You will get a chance to talk to the other people on the tour, and ask questions in general. You can sign up for the tour, so that it is part of your program, but everyone can show up. Have a buddy who wants to join? Drag them along, the more the merrier.

The Ottoshow

The Ottoshow is the formal ending of Fastaval. This is our award show for writers, designers, and volunteers. Its galla, speaches, entertainment and this is pomp and circumstances just like any other awardshow. Join us when we pay tribute to the award winners and this years organizers for their huge engagement and well-done work.


PornoPolka is a dance named after the song PornoPolka, which was popularized by getting people warm to LARPs in Finland.

Real talk

In Real talk you can experience that there are people who come to talk about a little bit of everything, there will be reflection and big questions, as well as small questions that will create a conversation, the conversations can be long or short, it's up to the people who sit in the conversation. We can't wait to see the new communities that can be created during this activity!

Game Master workshop

Have you signed up as a Game Master for Fastaval? Thank you so much. You are really helping us and Fastaval, and we really appreciate your time and commitment. This year we are repeating last years success with having a workshop before Fastaval. The workshop will be held online on our Discord-server.

Welcome ceremony

The General welcome everyone to Fastaval 2024. We have looked forward to come back to another great Fastaval and what better way to start the experience than to gather for an officiel Welcome ceremony.

Super Sunday

Boardgame Designer Talks

Explore the world of board game design, delving into the life of a full-time designer. Gain insights into viable business strategies and discover techniques for accelerating prototype development.

The big LARP-off

Do you just have that scenario burning inside you that will change the entire role-playing environment, not only in Denmark but worldwide? Or perhaps you're looking for an excuse to engage with scenarios even on a Sunday.

DnD Speedrun

Do you think D&D planning takes too much time? Then we have the activity for you. In this activity, two voluntary participants compete in D&D to see who can reach their goals the fastest, each with their own Dungeon Master. The Dungeon Masters are unaware of the participants' goals. There's also the option to just be a spectator.

Morning Warm-up Activity

We will be doing morning gymnastics for everyone who wants to get their body moving in the morning

Papstinenser live-podcast

Join the Danish Boardgame Podcast Papstinenser live on Fastaval. With more that 200 episode under their belts Papstinenser tries to cover all aspects of modern boardgames. There will be Fastaval talk, audience interaction and maybe an almost impossible quiz.


Need to get your body moving so you're ready for those sick dance moves at the Otto party? Then join us for a classic game of Roundball. Fingers crossed for good weather and a good throwing arm. All you need to bring is team spirit and good vibes! Both sign-up and walk-in available.

Swimming pool and sauna

Join us for a wave of fun and splashing in our swimming paradise. The swimming pool at Hobro Idrætscenter is waiting for you and relaxing in the pool and sauna is the perfect way to enjoy your Sunday!

Det rygtes at kiosk kaptajnen har et skattekort gemt på sit skib – begravet i nærheden af dette skattekort vil du kunne finde næste ledetråd, men du må være forsigtig! Kaptajnen er en farlig herre…