Fastaval is steadily approaching with the possibility of sending your old nerdy treasures to a new and loving home and bring home the neat stuff, that you have been looking for for a long time.

Re-Allocation returns after corona and we can't wait to help you get the nerdy stuff from a dusty shelf to a new and interesting life, where they will be appreciated and played!

We all have things on on our shelves, a drawer or in the closet that we don't use any more, but to sell them is a lot of work and to throw it out would up straight up sacrilege. 

We have the solution, Fastaval Re-Allocation! With Re-Allocation, the participants give their old nerdy treasure away. We then draw lots where people talk turns taking something from the table. That way, everybody wins! You get better space and other people get games and other nerdy things that make them happy. 

The excitement is unbearable and we are looking forward to it just as much as you! That is why we have written this reminder to pack stuff that you don't use anymore and which can make other people happy. It is not required to give anything away to take part in the Re-Allocation lot.

Time: Saturday 15.30-16.30

Location: TBA

Number of participants: 5/100

Language: Danish/English

Price: Free

Requirements: All welcome