The purpose of Fastaval Re-allocation is to breathe new life into the nerdy treasures that are just out there collecting dust. It’s an activity where people can come and give their books, foam weapons, board games, etc, away and receive new stuff away while promising that none of it are ever going to be sold.

We all have things on on our shelves, a drawer or in the closet that we don't use any more, but to sell them is a lot of work and to throw it out would up straight up sacrilege. 

We have the solution, Fastaval Re-Allocation! With Re-Allocation, the participants give their old nerdy treasure away. We then draw lots where people talk turns taking something from the table. That way, everybody wins! You get better space and other people get games and other nerdy things that make them happy. 

Så husk at pakke ting som I alligevel ikke bruger længere og som vil kunne glæde andre. Det er ikke påkrævet at give noget væk for at deltage i Re-Allocation.

Time: Saturday: 16.00-18.00

Location: Common room, near the rear entrance.

Number of participants: No Min/Max

Language: Danish/English

Price: Free

Requirements: All welcome