Have you signed up as a Game Master for Fastaval? Thank you so much. You are really helping us and Fastaval, and we really appreciate your time and commitment.

This year we are trying something new in regards to the workshop for Game Masters.

First of all we are going online to our Discord-server. The reason is that we are having the workshop before the official start of Fastaval - namely the Monday before Fastaval. The reason is to give you more time to sparre with each other and the authors, and to hopefully make you more at easy with the job at hand.

The workshop is in two parts. The first is general advice on how the Game Master a Fastaval Scenario. In the second part we will invite this years authors, tow whom you can ask questions about the particular scenario(s) you are to Game Master.

When you have signed up as Game Master, you will receive a link to the Discord-server and workshop along with the scenario. We hope to see a lot of you at the workshop!

Time: Monday the 3rd of April 19.30-21.30

Location: Discord

Number of participants: No Min/Max

Language: Danish/English

Price: Free

Requirements: All welcome