Fastaval would not exist were it not for the many organizers who year after year voluntarily works hard to create the best Congress. 

Below is an overview of Fastaval’s organizational structure.


Fastaval is organized by the association ALEA, which works closely with the main organizers and the various organizational areas each year.

Read more about ALEA here.

Organizer areas

Fastaval serves as a great machine, consisting of many different organizer areas. Each area has one or more main organizers with a number of organizers. Below you can see the many areas that work together to create Fastaval.

Do you want to join?

Without organizers and volunteers there is no Fastaval. If you want to join us, we would love to hear from you.

  • Do you have an idea of where you can contribute to Fixed Selection in the existing organization chart?
  • Do you have an idea for something new and exciting, Fastaval just have to have next year?
  • Just want to help but do not know how?

Either way, send us an email at! Then we talk about how you can help what you want and how it fits into Fastaval.

Main Organizers

Fastaval’s main organizers are a paramount part of the creation of each Fastaval.

They act as coordinators for all Fastaval’s organizer groups and make practical decisions about price and location, but are also visionary on behalf of the future of the congress.

The main organizers are spearheaded by the General(s) who choose all the additional members of the bunker. The General(s) is appointed by Alea's board and the board is appointed by the general assembly. Usually, the group is fully formed just before or shortly after Fastaval and it has become a tradition that the General is announced Sunday at Fastaval.

Do you want to know who is in this year's main organizer group? Read about them here.

The association Alea