by Kristian Karlberg & Kenny Zetterberg.

In this adventure game of one versus many, a valiant trio of heroes consisting of a barbarian, wizard, and ranger confronts the beasts of Darkness. Players take turns by rolling colored dice, assigning them to powerful skills and abilities. At the end of the round all non-active players, monsters included, take minor actions based on the color-coded dice, ensuring that all players are engaged with minimal downtime.


  • Time: 120 min (40 min pr. kapitel)
  • Players: 4
  • Language: English

In a world once filled with light and prosperity, now swallowed by impenetrable darkness, a trio of valiant heroes emerge. All efforts to stop the source have only fed the ever-growing darkness. No one has survived - until now. The heroes, turned immortal by a magic potion, defy death and instead absorb the shadows to battle the endless darkness.

Throughout several chapters, each about 40 minutes in length, the story of Darkness unfolds as a barbarian, wizard and rogue must overcome various challenges whilst battling the dark shadows. The monster player, with an agenda of their own, conjures dark creatures and devises secret schemes to hinder the hero's progress.

As heroes take damage, they eventually become Consumed by Darkness. Their once-human forms transform into grotesque, beastly features, stripping away their humanity. These features come with powerful, yet dreadful abilities, aiding the heroes in their quests. But should any hero succumb entirely to the darkness, the adventure ends and the darkness will prevail.

After each chapter, all players earn experience points based on their performance that may be spent to unlock powerful new abilities from a diverse skill tree. All players must devise tactics and strategies to prepare for the next chapter.

A chapter is played by players taking turns. On your turn, you will be rolling 5 colored dice. You assign these to the skills and abilities you have acquired. But you are not the only one taking actions this turn…

You see, all players are color coded, the red barbarian for instance belongs with the red dice. At the very end of your turn, all other players, including the monster player will perform the action printed on the die of their color. This makes the downtime of the game minimal and keeps all players engaged, rooting for each other, and requesting results, as you are rolling the dice.

About the designers

Kristian Karlberg
Kristian Karlberg is 40 years old living in Gothenburg, Sweden, working as an IT-consultant. His favorite game is Puerto Rico (Alea, 2002). 12 hours per week is devoted to designing board games, a wise investment as it is finally starting to yield results!

As of January 2023, Kristian has 3 published board games - Goetia: Nine Kings of Solomon (2021), Lucia (2022) and Dungeons & Dragons: the Yawning Portal (2023). Last year's Fastaval submission Motu-Nui got signed with an American publisher and is set to be released in 2025.

Kristian and Kenny Zetterberg started to design games together in 2019 and currently have 5 games that are looking for publishers. This is their third time competing in Fastaval.

Kenny Zetterberg
Kenny is 36 years old also living in Gothenburg, Sweden working as a UX-designer and has a background in the construction industry.

Besides playing prototypes with Kristian, he prefers medium-heavy Euros like Troyes, Caylus and Keyflower.

Kenny has been designing games since 2016 and besides the accomplishments he has together with Kristian, he has one additional game signed with a publisher - which is set to be released in 2024.