by Kåre Torndahl Kjær & Mads Fløe.

Embark on a regenerative journey in "Railforge: Recycle, Resettle," where the groundbreaking E.W.O.C transforms the waste in “The Fills” into strategic resources. Will you lead the charge towards a sustainable future, or be forgotten like the remnants of "The Fills"?


  • Time: 90-150 min
  • Players: 3 – 4
  • Language: English

Embark on a regenerative journey in "Railforge: Recycle, Resettle," a board game set in an alternate reality. An entire continent is drowning in waste - called “The Fills” - and seeks a new beginning through the newly invented Electronic Waste Organizer and Compressor (E.W.O.C). Fill it with waste and it will transform it into available resources; metals, plastics, organics, chemicals, and electronics.

These resources will be placed into a random grid through the E.W.O.C, which limits the ressources each player can choose and place on their personal player board. From here - using action cards aligned perpendicular with your board - the resources are used to fuel actions like clearing waste, constructing railways and establishing settlements. The challenge is getting the right resources aligned with the actions you want to do, and time it all with the actions of the other players. As the game progresses, you unlock new possibilities by strategically playing new action cards along your board.

Race against your opponents to claim key spaces on the central board. Building settlements not only scores you victory points, but also unlocks special abilities to further fuel your engine. Rails, however, are the key component to victory. In the end, the player who has done the most to transform “The Fills” to a habitable place, wins.

Will you be remembered as one who led the charge towards a sustainable future, or will your name soon be forgotten just like the remnants of "The Fills"?

About the designers

About Kåre

I’m Kåre and I have attended Fastaval since 2012 - always with an emphasis on the board games. In 2016 I first attended as a board game designer and 2019 was my first time as an organizer of the board game design competition. As a designer, my main focal point is that all decisions should feel significant and that a game above all should be engaging to play - systems are secondary to feelings. Especially for Fastaval, I love to experiment with the boundaries and form of game, as the Fastaval audience is especially open to something different.

About Mads
Since having a bad experience with a board game 12 years ago, I naively started designing my own board games. However, nativity and endurance is not to be underestimated, and with experience over time - both easy and hard learned - I now have several commercial games released: Shake That City, It’s A Balloon!?, Alpino and more are coming, among those a big family game from KOSMOS in 2025, co-designed with Kåre. At Fastaval I have organized the board game design competition, Game Rush, since 2017, and I’ll do so again this year. I look very much forward to seeing you at Fastaval!