by Jasper de Lange.

Wander the streets of Paris, disappear on romantic escapades, and fight your opium addiction, all in the name of art and inspiration. The Bohemians were an eccentric lot: idealizing poverty to achieve artistic freedom, against the stream of industrializing society. This deckbuilding game lets you live the life of a Bohemian artist. Try to change the world through your art, while suffering the real-life challenges of artists at the time.


  • Time: 60-120 min
  • Players: 2 – 4
  • Language: English

Bohemians is a competitive deckbuilding game about the Parisian art scene before the turn of the twentieth century. It is the time of Vincent van Gogh, Auguste Rodin and Oscar Wilde, among so many others. The first-ever cafés have just opened their doors, allowing characters from all walks of life to meet in public, discussing and cross-pollinating the worlds of art, philosophy and politics. While the mainstream imagination is captivated by the advent of modern inventions like electric light, the Bohemians yearn for a different, more simple kind of life in which they are free to pursue their artistic dreams. Inspired by stories of vagabonds, eccentrics and nomadic wanderers, they aspire to a life of poverty and creativity.

During the game, players take on the role of Bohemian artists, trying to change the world and themselves through art. Each turn represents a typical 'day in the life' in a quite literal sense: the cards in your hand show habits, possible actions that you can take. Which actions you choose and how you string them together determines how much inspiration you get out of your day. Inspiration, in turn, can be used to change your habits for the better, attract muses, or create art. Along the way, players will have to deal with the chores of a day job, or choose the freedom of unemployment but face the consequences of poverty. Hardship cards represent the troubles in each artist's life, including mental illness, social isolation and economic downturns. By making art, players can heal their maladies, inspire others, and eventually win the game by leaving a definitive mark on history.

Trigger warning: this game attempts to depict the realistic challenges and life choices of historical artists. As such it includes references to such topics as mental illness, sexually transmitted diseases, addiction to intoxicating substances, and prostitution.

About the designer

Jasper de Lange is a game designer from the Netherlands, and Bohemians is his first tabletop game to be presented to a wider audience. In the past he has worked for several years in developing and operating story-driven escape rooms, and his main interest is still to make games that tell stories, whether it is card games, larger strategy games, or smaller roleplaying games. He also has several games in development with an environmental/educational element, building on his background in environmental science. Aside from all the boardgaming, Jasper is an organic farm apprentice, currently working on a very biodiverse farm in the middle of Skåne, Sweden.