by Elias Nielsen, Lucas Høeg & Anna Alberte Krølner.

Dive down into Clockwork, a co-op game, where you, as the watchmaker, remove rust from the gears to repair the old clock before time runs out. Experience a steampunk esthetic and complex strategies in this unique game, where rust and a limited time to repair the clock creates exciting challenges.


  • Time: 90 min.
  • Players: 1 – 4
  • Language: Danish/ English

The clock is ticking!

As a watchmaker, your mission is to rid the gears of as much rust as possible. Each round, you strategically place new gears into the clock’s intricate mechanism to unleash thrilling combinations that gradually restore the clockwork to its former glory. Match the rust of different colours on the gears to witness the rust vanish - but be cautious! The clock is ticking, and you’re running out of time!

Clockwork offers a perfect captivating blend of innovative mechanics and a compelling steam-punk theme that immerses you within the world of a watchmaker and the mechanical gears. Together, players collaborate to eliminate the rust and the gears to repair the clock and win the game.

Dive into a world of gears, clocks, and steam in Clockwork. This steampunk-themed board game offers players a captivating experience with straightforward mechanics that give rise to intricate and diverse strategies. As you play, you’ll uncover amusing connections that lead to exciting and brilliant combinations. Moreover, the inclusion of surprise elements along the way ensures each game is a fresh and thrilling adventure, making Clockwork an exciting and novel experience every time you play.

In Clockwork, when you turn a gear, all neighbouring gears of the same type also rotate. If two pieces of rust with matching colours are adjacent, you successfully clear the rust from the gears. Once a gear is free from rust, you can remove it from the mechanism. If you complete your goal of removing and cleansing all of the initial gears, you win!


About the designers

Anna Alberte Krølner
Anna’s first participation at Fastaval was in 2023, where she immediately became enthralled by the community and the atmosphere. She enthusiastically participates in both the roleplay- and cosplay community when she is not actively illustrating Clockwork. Anna is part of the management team of Fantasiens Orden, and she is a part of the administration in charge of Fantasydage.
Anna’s favourite boardgames are definitely Spirit Island and Cascadia, and, as of now, she is playing Gloomhaven with her family, whenever they have time to play that is. She enjoys Co-op games, although, she does agree that it can also be fun to absolutely decimate her opponents in more competitive games.

When she is not knee-deep in boardgames, roleplaying or volunteer work, she likes to sow costumes for roleplaying or for cosplay. Currently she is studying at H. C. Ørsted Gymnasium Lyngby where she is in 3.G. Here she is studying communication and IT, as well as programming.

Lucas Adelhardt Høeg
Fastaval 2023 was Lucas’s first time at Fastaval. Here he felt safe, as it was a community of many people who all share the same passion and interest as him. His experience in amateur boardgame designing led him to the GameRush competition, which is where Clockwork was created.

Lucas’s favourite boardgame is Everdell: Complete Collection with all of the expansions and deluxe content. His favourite part is how this creates a phenomenal player experience in a thematic world which you cannot help falling in love with. Additionally, he sees the potential in all board games, as well as the joy which they bring. He believes that every board game can be fun with the right group.

Lucas has truly led boardgames into his heart, where he, together with Elias, has become the president of the boardgame club at their gymnasium. Furthermore, he is in charge of a weekly boardgame event near Copenhagen.

Elias Daniel Nielsen
Elias has participated Fastaval for as long as he was able. In the form of both boardgames and roleplaying games, he has immersed himself within dazzling worlds of play. Throughout his time whilst studying he has become club-president of both the roleplaying club and the boardgame club.

As of now, Elias enjoys a multitude of different games of varying genres, however, he has a special interest within party games, puzzle games, and secret-role games. He is a rather large fan of games such as Ultimate Werewolf, and, similarly, games about lying and bluffing such as Coup. Furthermore, he has never said no to a quick game of Set. He dislikes games where not every player has the same amount of fun, and games where a clear unbalance is present.

Outside of the boardgame- and roleplaying community, he is in 3.G on H. C. Ørsted Gymnasium Lyngby, where he is planning to attend DTU once he has completed his current education.