by Mads Emil Christensen & Johannes Følsgaard.

The Queen is dead!
The Antpire is in scrambles. Lead your faction through these chaotic times. Roll dice and think fast to conquer your opponents and decide the fate of the Antpire.
Long Live The Queen!


  • Time: 45 min
  • Players: 2 – 4
  • Language: English / Danish

The Queen is dead and the Antpire is in scrambles! You are the leader of a faction of ants and strive to gain the most power.

Age of Antpires is a real time game where you have to control territories and become the new Regent.

You have one die that you roll to see which action you can take. But you can do the action anywhere you have ants. You have to be fast though, because your opponents take actions at the same time as you!

Sometimes you have to swap out your die, but each die is specialized so you have to make a bigger strategic decision. It's hectic and chaotic and part of the charm of the game is that you're going to make mistakes because you can't keep track of what everybody else is doing.

Fortunately, the game is divided into rounds, so you can catch your breath and form an overview before it starts again. Between rounds, the Regent must decide how a new feature enters the board, thus shaping the geography of the game.
It gives a sense of development and creates a feeling of being part of a small story.

The rules are easy to learn and the game is never boring - but you have to be ready to go to war with your fellow ants.

About the designers

Johannes has a lovely brother called Peter, who drew the illustrations for Age of Antpires.

Johannes likes board games and animals, and has been to Fastaval more than 3 times.

If you see him, please show him pictures of mushrooms you have found, or cats you know. He also really wants to know how to design an RPG.

Mads Emil has never been to Fastaval before. However, every year he goes to the board game fair in Essen and buys small Japanese games. Many of them are not very good.

If you see Mads Emil, you are welcome to talk to him so that he doesn't feel lonely. Interests include bad romantic movies, Maths and Playstation games.