by Kasper Kjær Christiansen & Kåre Werner Storgaard.

Tribal Conquest: A New Dawn is an asymmetrical strategic game for 2-4 players where each player controls a unique tribe with the goal of achieving victory through tribal mechanics and territorial conquest.


  • Time: 100-180 min (incl. rules)
  • Players: 2 – 4
  • Language: English

In "Tribal Conquest: A New Dawn," players start by choosing a domain like Goblins or Elves, and then pairing it with a unique tribe, such as Meeky Miners or Blood Fanatics. This combination defines the tribe's powers and their path to advancement. Players then craft their player decks, selecting 5 out of 8 available tribal decks, each filled with a variety of different card types. This results in 3 tiered decks which players can unlock as their tribe progresses.

The game's objective is to earn seven victory points, achieved by controlling your tribe's sites and conquering those of your opponents. Additionally, each tribe has special abilities that are key to victory. For instance, Elves can harness the moon's cycle to empower artifacts and receive blessings, while Goblins can capture prisoners for their mines and unlock new powerful masters through sacrifices.

Each round begins with players drawing cards, gathering resources such as command points and materials, and broadening their domain by adding new sites. Players sequentially execute various actions, including playing cards to acquire new units, obtain potent bonuses, or counteract opponents' moves. A key feature of the card mechanics is the ability to craft powerful combinations using cards and districts. They may also invoke favors from their tribe’s deity and strategically position units across sites for dominance or conquest. The round culminates with players utilizing their tribe’s distinctive abilities and amassing victory points by controlling their domain.

"Tribal Conquest: A New Dawn" merges asymmetrical card play with area control and resource management, forging a rich, strategic experience. It challenges players to adapt to opponents' strategies while balancing defense and advancement of their own tribe. This game tests strategic insight, tactical skill, and adaptability. Will you rise as the supreme ruler, or will your tribe falter under the cunning of your rivals?

About the designers

Kåre's passion is to create games, campaigns and stories which he has done ever since he bought his first board game (Heroquest) back in 1990. Kåre loves games that tell a memorable story, but as an engineer he believes that solid game mechanics is a must. At Fastaval, Kåre has showcased his board game designs six times. His achievements include publishing "Hospital Rush" in 2013 and winning Best Board Game with "Witch Hunt," later released as "Pagan: Fate of Roanoke" in 2021.

Kasper has played board games for more than 40 years. As a science librarian he loves to deconstruct games and scrutinize what makes a game bigger than the sum of its parts. He favors strategy games with historical settings. Kasper first Fastaval board game design “Witch Hunt” won an Otto for best board game and was published as “Pagan: Fate of Roanoke” in 2021.