by Mads Lund

During the last days of april 1865 a proud, influential and decadent family is sitting in their beautiful plantation in the heart of the swampy Louisiana and waiting for the Southern states to win the civil war.


Players: 8

Gamemasters: 1

Total runtime: 4 hours including a workshop

Language: Danish and English, gamemaster text only in Danish

Age limit: 15+

Material to be read: 1.5 pages

An intense family drama and a tragic story of decay - a kind of fall of the house of Usher with the american civil war as the background tapestry. Alle the roles in the decadent southern family is filled with exquisite intrigue, skeletons in the closet and shady secrets. 

We are not playing in the exact historic context; instead we use the period as inspiration. The scenario will not focus on master slave relationships, but rather intrigues and relations in the family. 

The play area will be marked by masking tape on the floor, and the scenario will be played semi-live (without bodies but no costumes). In a short workshop the meta- techniques, setting and story will be introduced. There will be prologue scenes that focus on the drama, and the story will be played out in three acts, with escalating intensity. Between each act there will be short calibration breaks, and central elements of the story will be decided by the players.

Player types: You love being on the scene. You play to experience the role, drama and the energy in the play with the others. You love when you can a narrative frame, where you can unfold your role and relationships. The juicier the better. The game expects some level of previous roleplaying experience

Gamemaster type: You are interested in theatre, and like setting the frame and creating the right atmosphere. You give clear instructions for the scene and present meta-techniques. You direct play through prologue scenes that gives the characters space, and lean back once the frame has been set