by Sebastian Nemeth

Van Gogh’s last months are full of sickness, art, and three muses whom intends to squeeze the last drop of creativity out of him. The Scenario is Semi-live involving an easel, paintbrushes, and a painting.


Players: 3

Gamemasters: 1

Total runtime: 5 hours

Language: Danish and English

Age limit: 16+

Material to be read: About 5 pages throughout the entire game as a player

We run across the sparkling grass, covered in dewy pearls. We rest with the lazy cat, laying in the sun as it warms itself. In spring, we reach out and embrace the world that is awakening. We are the Muses who live through the arts, and we breathe creativity into the artistic mind.

Our Three Muses accompany Vincent through his last three months. When he is wandering through the yellow fields and past the old church, they point him in the direction of scenes worth painting. This scenario tells the story of Vincent that wants to paint; but most of all, it tells the story of Vincent who wants to live. 

The game is played physically, by the easel, with a brush in hand as the players change between playing Vincent and the people around him. The scenario doesn’t require any pre-existing knowledge of art history or Van Gogh. You should feel comfortable with themes of sexuality, self-harm, art, violence and in physical contact with others. You don’t need to be able to paint, the game will help.

“I dream about painting, and then I paint my dreams” – Vincent Van Gogh

Player types: The players change between playing the central muse, Vincent and different people in his life. As a player you’ll create the narrative around Vincent together with your coplayers, and you’ll play semi-live and be in physical touch with your coplayers to a degree you decide as a group.

Gamemaster type: You want to help the players narrate together. You are comfortable playing minor characters if it is required and you need to prepare the physical elements between scenes. You’re okay with hushing the others. You can run this game without a lot of experience facilitating, and the material is verbally narrated for your convenience in preparation.