Real talk

In Real talk you can experience that there are people who come to talk about a little bit of everything, there will be reflection and big questions, as well as small questions that will create a conversation, the conversations can be long or short, it's up to the people who sit in the conversation. We can't wait to see the new communities that can be created during this activity!

Mind Cycling

Mind Cycling is a board game with a realistic approach inspired by the professional world of cycling. Mind Cycling is a strategy game where luck doesn't exist because there are no dice or cards. The goal of the game is simple: get to the finish line first but also become the best team manager.

Medievalism, Courage and Masculinity; A Lecture

(Only in danish) Kom med, når litteraturhistoriker Valdemar Lenschow fortæller om det komplicerede forhold mellem fænomenet middelalderisme og forskellige maskuline idealer; fra 1800-tallet og frem til I dag.


PornoPolka is a dance named after the song PornoPolka, which was popularized by getting people warm to LARPs in Finland.

Landsforeningen Bifrost Quiz

How much do you really know about Landsforeningen Bifrost? Do you actually know what it is? Join our Bifrost Quiz!

The Great Bazaar

Fastavals Great Bazaar is THE PLACE to meet. It's where you can come and promote your association and exchange information and ideas about upcoming events.