af Tim Slumstrup Aunkilde & Peter Brichs

Historic drama inspired by the 1817 rebellion in the first modern prison in Denmark, and the events leading up to it.


Players: 5

Gamemasters: 1

Total runtime: 4 hours

Language: Danish and English

Age limit: 18+

Material to be read: Max 2 pages including handouts

Trigger warnings: Violence, rape, child murdering, peer pressure, degradation and sadism

Five prisoners on life sentences suppresses their dark urges for years, under the strict rules, norms and daily humiliations within the prison walls. Unsuccessfully they try to conform into something a life in their situation but can’t settles with only dreaming of freedom. Their combined desire for freedom leads them and their fellow inmates to a rebellion, where all their stored-up darkness can come roaring to the surface.

How will they cope with their newfound inner freedom, and how does their view on each other change? Is it possible to be the embodiment of a monster, and still be judgmental towards the monsters in others? 

The players’ characters are all horrible and brutal human beings, but at the same time endlessly pathetic

The scenario has numerous trigger warnings including: Violence, rape, child murdering, peer pressure, degradation and sadism.

These trigger words are a large part of the scenario and will become very explicit.

The game operates with a mechanism that ensures the players wont expose themselves or each other for more than they want to. But the game is not meant to be a nice experience.

Player types: The game targets players who dare playing to the limit of the uncomfortable, but understands not to cross the lines defined by co-players. The players should be able to act within relatively narrow scenes and fill them out with as much intensity as possible.

Gamemaster type: As the gamemaster you must want to describe moods and atmospheres in detail. The narrative progression is very linear with pre-determined scenes. You must be able to make quick but smooth changes from slow and lingering scenes to the more, in contrast, fast and action based. Mostly you must make sure the players feel safe and can lead a good debrief.