by Mads Egedal Kirchhoff

In a basement under a vacation home, some drunk & unempathetic teenagers abuse a mundane vampire, while he remembers his past and own sins. What is left of him afterwards?


Players: 1-5

Gamemasters: 1

Total runtime: 3-4 hours

Language: Danish and English

Age limit: 18+

Material to be read: Under one page

Trigger warnings: Substance abuse and othering. Intense physical, psychological, relational and sexual violence

The bass thumbs from a vacation housein Denmark. Behind the locked door, down in the cold basement, a vampire sits chained to a post and is talking to himself. He looks utterly human, and terribly pained. Crosses, garlic, syringes and bloody tools are casually strewn about. One of his eye sockets is a dark red mass, three fingers are missing from one hand and he is covered in unmentionable fluids, both his own and others'.

This is a brutal, vile and melancholic tabletop scenario where a vampire is humiliated and abused by a bunch of ruthless teenagers, high on his blood. You play aspects of the vampire, (beast, aristocrat, forgetfulness, etc.) and in flashbacks, his humanity and own sins are explored over the centuries. During the violence, a speech mechanic is used to inspire players and escalate the intensity. What is the vampire reduced to when it's over?

Player types: For players who know their limits, have a sadomasochistic side and are interested in playing the vampire as the victim. You must be comfortable describing gruesome violence et al, but the players have choice in which torments they want to inflict.

Gamemaster type: You have to convey the scenario, set scenes and pace the experience. You also have the primary, but not sole, responsibility for player safety and must keep an eye on the players having a 'good' experience.