The Honorary Otto

These persons/groups have recieved an Honorary Otto

1992: Mads Lunau

1993: Paul Hartvigson

1994: Troels Chr. Jakobsen

1995: Cool Fish Delivery

1996: Søren Parbæk

1997: The Roleplaying Magazine Fønix

1998: Kristoffer Apollo & Mette Finderup

1999: Not awarded

2000: Peter Bengtsen

2001: Sara Hald

2002: Morten Juul

2003: Natural Born Holmers

2004: Peter Brodersen

2005: Merlin P. Mann

2006: Malik Hyltoft

2007: Landsforeningen for Levende Rollespil (The Danish Roleplaying Organization)

2008: Brian Rasmussen

2009: Jesper Wøldiche

2010: Vi Åker Jeep

2011: Lars Andreasen

2012: Klaus Meier Olsen & Kristoffer Rudkjær

2013: Jesper Heebøll Arbjørn

2014: DirtBusters

2015: Claus Raasted

2016: Simon James Pettit

2017: René Bokær Pedersen

2018: Peter Lind

2019: Joan Zenia Juhl Hansen

2020: Not awarded

About the Honorary Otto 

Each year at Fastaval a special honorary award is given to a person or group who have done extraordinary work on behalf of Fastaval or the broader community surrounding Fastaval. The Honorary Otto is a token af gratitude and love from Fastaval and Alea (the organization behind Fastaval) to those who through many years have helped innovate, maintain, and developed Fastaval to where it is today. The Honorary Otto cannot be given for a scenario or a board game but honers all the practical work that happens behind the scenes.

The Honorary Otto:

Fastaval cannot exist without volunteers and all the people working tirelessly and passionately to renew and improve the con-experience for everyone. Therefor Fastaval have honored these people every year since 1992. The Honorary Otto is a collective applause to a person, group or organization who time and time again have contributed extraordinary, not just to Fastaval, but the landscape surrounding us. If possible the Honorary Otto is awarded at a reception in The Café at Fastaval during easter and the awardee(s) will subsequently give a speech at the Otto Show Sunday evening. Traditionally the awardee(s) will be chairperson of the jury next year and personally select the members of their jury. The Honorary Otto jury decides 100% who will be nominated and recieve the award but before Fastaval everyone will be given the opportunity to highlight that person(s)/group(s) they believe deserves special attention by the jury.