Visions for Fastaval 2024

Each year, the main organizers create a set of visions that play a crucial role in shaping and improving Fastaval that year. By creating clear and ambitious visions, the main organizers can inspire both participants and organizers to work together towards common goals.

This year we are working with the following visions:

Together for Fastaval

Fastaval has a wide range of participants and organizers, but only together can they create the Fastaval of us all. Unfortunately, many people find that poor communication makes the work of an organizer unnecessarily hard. This applies both when participants show a lack of respect for the work of the organizers (volunteers), but also when communication between the organizer areas goes awry.
The main organizer group believes that both of these problems are avoidable, as they are largely rooted in misunderstandings and momentary frustration. Therefore, we would like to set expectations for the collaboration between the areas and create a new standard for how both participants and other volunteers treat our organizers.
The culture must be built on the common purpose that drives us: to make the best Fastaval we can - Together.

A safe Fastaval

Fastaval should be a safe place for all participants, but unfortunately, many participants experience unsafe behavior during Easter. We want to put a stop to this. We want to increase the focus on safety by making it clear what kind of behavior we do not want at Fastaval and how we deal with participants who do not behave properly.
We also want to expand the safety host area to make it easier to get in touch with a safety host and de-stigmatize approaching safety hosts with concerns - big or small.

An open Fastaval

Fastaval is an oldie but a goodie, still fresh, but with its quirks. It can be difficult to be a first-time attendee because there are many unspoken traditions and a lot of implicit knowledge that needs to be decoded. We want to make it easier for first-timers to meet, participate in and contribute to Fastaval's culture. We want a better collective memory to make it a little less mysterious and a little more accessible.

Sharing Fastaval

Fastaval can do a lot on its own, but we are not alone. Fastaval is built on good relationships, both internally and externally. Our good relationship with locations gives us unique opportunities, the relationship with the continuation schools is a breeding ground for new organizing forces, sponsorship agreements provide tangible financial benefits, and the collaboration with Landsforeningen Bifrost provides access to funds, political influence and experience sharing (and cheap insurance).
Fastaval gets a lot out of our collaborations, and they allow Fastaval to give back to the wider roleplaying community, as well as the local community. Our goal is to strengthen Fastaval's external collaborations for the benefit of both us and our partners. We must strengthen the good relationships and reach out to those we lack.